Yacht Refinishing and Marine Bodywork
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We repair fiberglass, minor damage all the way to major rebuilds. We are proficient fiberglass structural engineers, and are capable of repairing some of the most brutal damage to boat hulls, to like new condition.

We do Gel-Coat repairs, small chips to large areas. We buff and wax hull sides. We refinish the decks and hull sides with premium AwlCraft 2000 Acrylic Urethane, and AwlGrip polyester urethane’s. We strip bottoms and refinish with the anti-foul coating of your choice. We have the ability to make the most ragged looking boat, look like a brand new yacht, the worse it starts, the more fantastic the outcome!

We are up front and honest with our pricing.

We will not waste your time on lay-up’s. Our jobs are quoted before we start, we rarely charge an hourly rate.

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